For starters i'm giving the basic Visa Requirement for Australia.
Once you are accepted by a university, you will receive a letter called an 'offer of a place in a course' from that university. The student should then apply for a preliminary assessment to the visa processing office.
The letter to this office should include the following:
The proposed entry level of the student
The name of the course applied for
The CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students) course and provider codes
The proposed start and end dates of the course
The full tuition fees for the course

Once this information is received by the visa processing office, the preliminary assessment will be conducted. If the assessment is favourable, then the visa office will instruct the university to send the student an electronic confirmation of enrolment (eCoE) certificate.
The student may then be asked to pay the OSHC premium and undergo medical tests.
Apart from these documents, you must be able to show that:
You can cover the costs for air fares, course fees and living costs for the duration of the stay in Australia
Your English language proficiency (IELTS score)
Your personal and/or financial commitments in India or the country you belong to
Your academic record and history in relation to the planned study course
Your immigration history, if any
That the course you have chosen is what you would have chosen in your circumstances, and
That this course is consistent with and appropriate to your current education level.
Once these requirements are met, and the visa processing office is satisfied with the results, the student visa may be granted to the student.